It is your day! let our Toledo Hotel wedding coordinators to take care of everything ❤️💍


We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. For your upcoming event, we are honored to provide this special offer with all the facilities and services.  
Events Offers :

  • Cake + soft drinks (one round) + mineral water (5.00JD) ++ per person
  • Cake + soft drinks (Two rounds) + mineral water (5.500 JD)++ per person
  • Cake + 5 kinds of pastries + soft drinks (two rounds) + mineral water (7.00JD)++ per person
  • Open Buffet (menu attached) (16.00JD)++ per person
  • Note: Pastries Include (meat, cheese, spinach, kubeh, mini pizza, vegetables, mosakhan rolls) + tabuleh
  • Complimentary night at the hotel.

Extra services :

  • Photography (72 photos +enlarged one of your choice + large screen  -160JD
  • DJ  (Ladies Ball room) -80JD
  • DJ  (Men’s Ball room) -50JD
  • Female service  -100JD
  • Zaffe (Jordanian, Palestinian,  Egyptian, Syrian) -100JD
  • Kosheh (3 styles)  -80/150 JD
  • Special order center pieces /each -2/5/8/10JD
  • Firework- indoor -20JD
  • Firework- outdoor -40JD
  • Balloons (arch / cake) -75JD
  • Ring balloon -25JD
  • Guest book -20JD

Complimentary :

  • Half board stay in a suite
  • Candles
  • Cake show


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