Activities at the Toledo Hotel "Green Key"

Toledo Amman Hotel is the first independently operated hotel to receive the
"Green Key" eco-label
Environmental Activities at the Toledo Hotel 
Water :

  • We use water sub-meters to measure water consumption separately for hotel and kitchen areas.  The areas are subdivided into sections.
  • We measure water consumption for dish washers separately and compare results weekly.
  • Rooms are fitted with low-flow toilets.
  • Toilets in common guest areas are equipped with low flows.
  • Water-saving shower heads and tap aerators are fitted in rooms and in restrooms in the common guest   areas.

Power/Lighting :

  • The hallways are fitted out with LED lighting.
  • Where possible, fixtures are fitted with energy-friendly light sources.
  • All common guest areas and outdoor areas are equipped with dimmable light, night dimming units, motion sensor, timer control, and photo-cell.
  • Lights are automatically turned on and off in all rooms via keycards.
  • We depend on natural lighting wherever possible.
  • We use LPG instead of diesel fuel for heating and cooking purposes.
  • Electrical sub-meters are installed to monitor specified areas.

Heating :

  • Heating facility, pumps, etc. are BMS controlled.
  • The hotel is fitted with double-glazed windows.
  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzis are heated via solar panels.

Waste :

  • We collect paper in separate paper containers that are collected for reuse.
  • We separate bottles and waste glass for later collection.
  • We collect organic waste in separate containers to use as composte.
  • We collect batteries, electronic scrap and light sources in special containers for delivery to recycling centre.
  • We re-cycling cardboard, paper, metals, plastic, and glass.

Kitchen :

  • We primarily use organic dairy produce: milk, yoghurt, butter.
  • Muesli and oatmeal cereals are organic.
  • We are striving to minimize the volume of disposable packaging related to breakfast products.
  • We do our best to use local made products.
  • In addition to re-cycling cardboard, paper, metals, plastic, and glass, we send used cooking oils to a specialized re-cycling center.
  • Dry bread is sent to a center that uses the bread for cattle feed.

Rooms :

  • 30% of the guest rooms are non-smoking.  
  • We use environment-friendly cleaning agents.
  • Our brand of toilet paper is environmentally friendly.
  • We have put up notices in bathrooms, urging our guests to limit towel change.
  • Duvets and pillows are allergy-friendly.
  • Bed sheets are changed upon request.

Outdoor Areas :

  • For weed control, we use organic chemicals (we never use herbicides).
  • We collect garden waste and deliver it for composting.
  • Where possible, we planted small trees and bushes that do not require a lot of water. 
  • Grey water from swimming pool and water softner system is used to clean driveways and garage.

Other Environmental Measures :

  • We purchase energy-friendly electrical appliances and office equipment.
  • We reuse copy paper as note paper.
  • We always use both sides of paper for internal use.
  • We provide information on public transport.
  • We have launched a number of measures aimed at our staff.
  • We have an active health and safety group.
  • Old and damaged towels and sheets are used for public area cleaning.
  • Smoking areas are designated.
  • Information is provided for ECO tours.
  • ECO consultant has been contracted for advice and bi-annual visits.
  • Paint used to maintain the property is environmentally friendly.

**Better environmental practices during the renovation and upgrade of  2015-2016
For better light reflection

  • Change furnishings and drapes to lighter colors
  • Change wall colors to white

Reduce electricity consumption

  • Change room lights to LED
  • Install LED lights in the guest bathrooms
  •  Install motion sensors for guest room hallways
  • Change all window panels for better thermal insulation and better climate control.

Reduce water consumption

  • Replace all bath tubs with shower stalls
  • Water Saver toilet.
  • Install double switch for toilets
  • Install shampoo/soap dispensers to reduce the use of disposable plastic toiletries
  • air fresh Installation of fresh air vents in guest room hallways

Membership :

  • Arab Protection of Nature “APN”.  Main task to create green areas.
  • Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature “RSCN”.  Contributes to natural reserves. 
  • Entity Green “EGT”.  Collects all recyclable material for processing. 
  • The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan “JREDS”. Contributes to marine conservation. 
  • Jordan Green Building Council “Jordan GBC” .Main task to create green building.

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